The Internet is like heritage and we all are the its part
What is the Internet?

What is the Internet? Every day we surf tens of pages and websites in the Internet. We find useful information and communicate with different interesting people. The Internet has become an inseparable part of us because we buy food and clothes from the Internet, we are guided in the unknown city by the Internet and etc. Thanks to the Internet we are the first to learn about the events all over the world, we follow the history, however, the Internet is also a history and each of us is a part of it. The Internet is a storage of information about the whole civilization and the door to this information is always open to us. Just try to remember, how many times did the Internet help you.

So, what is the Internet? The Internet is the whole World and we all are the part of it.

We respect the Internet

Our website is the way to show our respect to the Worldwide Network. Every day The Internet helps millions of its users. For the time of its existence, the Internet has become something we cannot but use every day. Today, The Internet is the world which has its own history where people are the creators. Our project is aimed to give you a chance to contribute to the Worldwide Network’s heritage, thus to pay your respect to the Worldwide Network. To leave your mark in history just link to Worldwide Wall.

Development prospects

At the moment, our team is working on site expanding. We want to create a section where elderly people, as well as people with limited abilities will be able to use the Internet potential avoiding frauds and hacking. We also want to show that the Internet is more useful than harmful.

Another challenge is to maximize the interactive with our audience, and we are working on its implementation.

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