The Internet is like heritage and we all are the its part

Internet History was designed to show the importance of the Internet as well as its unlimited possibilities. We are aimed to coordinate people in frames of our project where everyone will have a possibility to tell about the importance of the Internet in their life. Moreover, we want to give the chance to use the Internet to those who, unfortunately, do not have it.

Our goals

1. To build a social platform where everyone can help each other for free in solving various kinds of issues.

In future, a separate section will be added to our project where everyone could request or offer the assistance in the search for information. This will be particularly relevant for elderly people, who simply find it hard to use the Internet by their own. Besides, we want to eliminate frequent cases of fraud and hacker attacks. This innovation will also be useful for people with limited abilities. All this would help people to become closer to each other, thus building a social platform for small, but nevertheless, good deeds.

2. To show the importance of the Internet resource.

Nowadays, not everyone thinks about the importance of the global network in his or her life. Furthermore, mass media forces people to believe in the negative impact of the Internet on public and especially on children. One of our goals is to show that the Internet is not an evil. After all, its potential and abilities are great: it’s a leisure, a source of knowledge, a news resource and for some people the Internet has become a means for self-realization. Any kind of scientific work, any literature, any songs collection, a restaurant review, a city map – all these can be found in the Internet in just a few minutes. Therefore, our project pays much attention to the importance of the Internet for each of us.

3. To give everyone the possibility to leave the mark in history.

The internet is the whole world. It is a unique heritage for all the mankind. Our project aims to give the possibility for everyone to leave the mark in history, thus uniting people to show how deep and wide it is.

4. To provide the possibility of using the Internet for those, who cannot.

Sorry to say, but nowadays, in the age of information technology, a large number of regions and locations all over the world are still offline. Our project is aimed at contributing to the solution of this problem. More information you will find on Still Offline.

Our team

At the moment our team is finishing the section where you can find more detailed information about us, site statistics, as well as the answers to your questions. This section will provide more detailed information about the project and about our team. This will be useful both for you and the press. If you want to contact us, just Contact Us.

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