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Worldwide Wall is a place where you can leave your mark in the history of the Worldwide Network development. Worldwide Wall was designed to unite people who are concerned with the Internet development and for those who want to make it better.

At the moment we have prepared a million of rooms for you, where you can become a part of our project, as well as to tell us about the role of the Internet in your life. Through buying a room on the Worldwide Wall, you greatly support the project development and help us in achieving our difficult goals.

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#1 Bismark

#2 Ksenia Amani

#3 Angelina Lenskaya

#4 MrTwinks

#5 Ekaterina Murashova

#6 Alexander Petrik

Just me

#7 Pavel Borodulin



#10 Yuriy Movsesyan


This place is vacant. You can be here


This place is vacant. You can be here